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Hello and welcome!

My name is Siobhàn and I am the infertility beating, blog writing, product reviewing, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth nappying, Eventual Mother of Harrison.

I started this site in May 2015, a year after I got my first positive pregnancy test with, who eventually became, my amazing son.

I initially intended this to be place to talk about the long road we faced to have Harrison (read about it here), some of the things we experienced along the way (infertility, multiple miscarriages, a large portion of the UK adoption process, and, eventually, a high risk pregnancy), and the life that followed.

It soon became much more than that and is now a place to:

  • Talk and write about ALLLLLL the things that are important to me and capture my imagination
  • Share our day to day life
  • Review product, services, and companies that we have tried, tested, and loved
  • Bring you DISCOUNTS to help you save some pennies
  • Bring to GIVEAWAYS so you can get some freebies
  • Share stories from Other Mothers, and, indeed, Dads and other carers, including our very own Eventual Father – Harrison’s (stay at home) Dad and my lovely husband
  • Give you information – about infertility, miscarriage, adoption, pregnancy, parenting (in all it’s gory glory)

Feel free to share anything from the site, and please follow and subscribe to keep up to date with our antics and your stories 🙂

We hope you’ll stick with us through our journey and look forward to getting to know you.


Here are all the places you will find us:
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If you have a story you’d like to share, a suggestion for what you’d like to see, or would like to work with us, GET IN TOUCH…
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