As I type these words, it is 5:30am and I’m yet to close my eyes.

Harrison is in the midst of his first ever SLEEPLESS NIGHT! (Dun dun dunnnnnn!)

We’ve had plenty of frequent wake nights where we’ve been up every hour, even half an hour, but this is very different.

We attempted bed time at around 8pm (PAH!). Since then, Harrison has had a couple of 10 minute bursts of sleep, and only when on me.

He’s so tired and is rubbing his eyes in between cries.

A lack of nappy activity has led to a sore tummy and a grumpy demeanour. My poor boy’s feeling very poor indeed.

Nappy activity chose tonight to return, which has caused considerable discomfort (clearly), and the sandman has decided he wants nothing to do with it.

After battling to get him to sleep and put him in his cot failed (understatement), I gave in and brought him in to our bed (another huge thank you to the Sleepyhead pillow).

Sadly, even that failed, so I really gave up and brought him downstairs again (let’s not think about I the knock on effect this could have, not now at least). He was breastfeeding when I started typing and has now drifted to sleep in my arms. This was my plan so I can safely call it a success.

I can comfortably prop myself up to allow us both to get some shut eye, here, so that is exactly what I shall do.

A good night to you all. Sleep well.

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