Goodness me, what a difference a year makes.

It was one year ago today that we learned we were to have a SON!!!

We headed straight for lunch to revel in the news, before hitting the shops to buy Harrison’s first clothes. (Probably the only ‘new’ clothes we’ve bought him, actually)

It was that day that ‘bump’ became ‘Harrison’ and ‘Harrison’ has now become ‘the centre of the universe’.

We had some very exciting moments during our pregnancy, but an underlying fear was always present. We were always mentally preparing for something to go wrong, right up until (and after) the birth. This was one of the exciting moments though. One of those moments where he felt so close to us and we felt so close to realising our dreams of becoming parents.

It was all still an abstract concept at this time, however, and we could not have dreamed how wonderful life could be.

They say that the grass isn’t really greener, that the novelty of new things will eventually wear off, that ‘special’ becomes ‘normal’ very quickly.

That isn’t the case with parenthood.

The novelty remains strong, the gratitude and amazement of the realised reality is still very much present. In every night time feed, in every dirty nappy, in every tantrum, in every beautiful, incredible, mind blowingly wonderful second.

Harrison, I love you, far more than you could ever know.

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