It’s #ShareItSaturday so we are going to share one of our favourite things with you all (and, of course, a discount for you to buy your own a little cheaper)

We got sent a Sack n Seat a while ago now so we could test and review it for the company KisKise and you all.

The video review will be coming soon (keep your eyes peeled on the YouTube channel), but, until then, please read on…

The Sack n Seat works with most chairs (estimated 90%) and allows your child to sit in a regular chair. No more navigating the perils of sticky restaurant high chairs – hurrah!

The idea is genius and is perfectly executed, exceptionally well made, and with very precise and considered features to keep your child safe and comfortable. You can even use some loops, designed to keep the seat in the perfect place, to clip toys on to (anyone who has spent an entire meal bending down to pick up the same toy only to return it to your little one and have them promptly lob it on the floor again will know how invaluable that is)

Available in 5 bold colours or in stripes, these seats look just as great as they act.


These seats are amazing for BABYWEARERS!!! 

They fold into themselves to create a portable bag and are so light that they won’t add extra weight to a changing bag (which can get pretty hefty when you’re not using a stroller). In fact, they have a handle which you could easily clip to baby carriers, if you dare to leave the house sans changing bag (shock horror)

We love this seat and it promptly took up residence in our changing bag and on our ‘Baby Essentials’ list. It’s even great for babies who can’t quite sit up by themselves, as the seat part can come up to the child’s arm pits to hold them safely upright.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and just so happen to have a discount code to share with you so you can get your own for less.

By quoting ‘SIO2015’ at checkout, you will get 10% discount and WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is available. 

Happy shopping!

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