I do believe it’s time for an Eventual Family Update (Eventual is very appropriate being that YESTERDAY was #SnapShotSunday)

It was a hectic, but great week last week. I returned to work for a few hours as part of a KIT (Keeping In Touch) day, which was somewhat terrifying, but went surprisingly well. Harrison, though visibly missed me, handled it well; as did I, shockingly. I’ve actually been back at work today for 6 hours (increasing each time), which, again, went without incident. And Daddy survived, most importantly 😉

We structured the website with daily hashtag themes and that seems to have been popular, based on your feedback and the number of hits, so thank you all for your continued support.

Particularly popular, this week, has been our feature on Nursing Photography and, the amazing, Victoria Meyer from Lazy M Photography.

It’s #MOMday today, so keep a look out for our latest Mother of the Moment.

We have a new review video for you of a fab product that will be particularly great for those of you with more than one miniature human to transport…and there’s a wee discount in their for you too (I know, I spoil you, but you’re worth it)

Harrison had a busy week with lots of family visits to Nanny, Grandma & Grandad, Auntie B and Cousin M and a day of suit shopping for Daddy. We have a family wedding coming up very soon so we are getting everything prepped. We’ve had Harrison’s suit for a couple of months now (excuse the wrinkles, it’s been in the bottom of the drawer. This will, of course, be remedied before the wedding itself). So far, it still fits and we are hoping that this whopping giant child doesn’t grow out of it in the next fortnight (2 weeks, for our international readers).


I have ordered my dress, which was a real mission to find as I wanted something that was lovely, but that I could also breastfeed in. Hurrah for Lindy Bop and all hail the Ophelia, which is tipped to be quite the friend of us breastfeeding mamas. I shall be sure to take lots of photos and may even give you all a cheeky review of the lovely fifties-ness.

Aside from that, it’s been a week for new food for the boy. He’s tried chilli con carne (we made burritos; a little unreasonable to expect him to navigate, I’m sure you’ll agree) and a veggie curry. All went down very well, as you can see.


I hear exciting things are happening over atwww.GeckoClothing.com (you may remember them from my blog post ‘My Son Likes DOLLS!’), which is wonderful and we are eagerly following them on twitter to find out what’s in the offing.

Our favourite, www.BabiPur.co.uk, have the new nappy from TotsBots, the Peenut, in stock, which we will be putting to the test for you all (a completely selfless act of course, absolutely nothing to do with my shocking cloth nappy addiction).

And, I think, that pretty much covers our week.

Thanks for reading. I know I waffle so I very much appreciate you sticking with me 😉

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