Remember me? I know, I know, I’ve been AWOL for a wee while. So long, in fact, that I feel I can be classed as a ‘throwback’.

So what has been keeping us so busy? Lots, actually.

Steve’s sister, J, got married this past weekend, so we had a weekend away in Corbridge. Such a fantastic day. Everything was dressed and decorated beautiful and the bride looked truly incredible. A lovely couple and a privilege to be at their wedding.

Harrison wore his suit and looked very handsome indeed. The hubs and I got scrubbed up, which has been a long time coming. It is worth noting that heels are the work of the devil and I shall, henceforth, accept my shortness with grace and hobbit determination.



So, how did breastfeeding go in my Lindy Bop Ophelia dress? Bloody brilliantly, actually. The sweetheart neckline had a ‘wrap’ style to it and moved out of the way perfectly for access. I was a little nervous about Harrison getting distracted during feedings with all the fun of the day, pulling off and having a crazy let down that would show up on the dress, but, HURRAH!!! that was not the case.
*RECOMMENDED* – I will try to find some time to film a full review of the dress, or, at least, a full written one.


Ok…I’m going to do it…I’m ready…I think…Time to be brave…Take the plunge…Just SAY IT!!!


It’s about 2 weeks since we tried Harrison is his own room again. We last tried when he turned 6 months, with disastrous effect, at which point separation anxiety hit and, after a great first couple of nights, he went on a sleep strike for fear I’d not be there when he woke. (read about ithere)

Prior to this, he was in our room, often in our bed, and often waking up hourly.

The first night, I got him to sleep and placed him in his cot (crib). This was about 21:00 and he slept until 02:30 – the longest stretch of sleep he’d had in a very long time. I brought him in to bed with us at that point so as not to push him too far, too soon.

The following night, he slept until 04:00, before coming back to bed with us.

The 3rd night? He slept right through. From 21:00 to 07:00 – WOW!!!

The 4th night, 5th night, 6th night and on, he slept from bed time to morning, not waking for so much as a boob. (WAAAAAHHHHHH, my baby’s all grown up)

This has continued and we have been able to bring his bed time forward to 19:30, with him not waking until 07:00-07:30. Amazing!

Sometimes he struggles to go to sleep, but I lie in bed with him and boob him to sleep in our room before moving him in to his, or I feed him until he’s sleepy, put him in his cot and stroke his cheek until he gives in, but he always sleeps through (famous last words?)

Initially, he would give a little grumble when he woke up in the morning and realised I wasn’t with him (I would rush to him the second I heard a noise on the monitor – we are not a ‘Cry It Out’ household. Each to their own, but that isn’t a good fit for us)

Now, however, he is comfortable and confident that I am still close by, so will chirp merrily until I go through to him, at which point he greets me with a Chessire Cat size grin. What a way to start the day! 😀

The Sleepyhead pillow is still a firm favourite and keeps him happy and cosy in bed. Still one of the best things we own. *RECOMMENDED* – a video review of the Sleepyhead pillows will be with you all soon.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month


The month of October is the month of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.
1 in 4 will experience this and we will be bringing you lots of information about these matters during the next few weeks.
As someone who has had 4 pregnancy losses, this is, understandably, very close to my heart and my husband and I will be talking about our experiences. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch. Thank you.
So that is all from us for now, but we will have lots more coming soon. Including a #SnapShotSunday to share the other things that have kept us busy recently.

Thanks for visiting us, see you again soon.
🙂 xx

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