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To continue our story series for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, Jennifer has stopped by to tell us of her experience with multiple miscarriages and a beautiful rainbow baby.

We want to thank Jennifer for having the courage to share her story so that others may find solace in the knowledge that they are not alone.

I got married in 2010 and my husband and I were so excited to start a family right away so I went off birth control immediately. After the first cycle I had off birth control my period stopped. I waited till cycle day 60 and there was nothing so I went to the doctor and told them something was wrong. I was told it was nothing and I should count myself as lucky that I’m not getting my period as most girls my age (21 at the time) don’t want their period.

I continued to go back to the dr as my cycles ranged from 45 days to 130 days for the next 2 years. In that time I moved cities and changed Dr’s. I was told many things by doctors. I was told I was depressed, I was doing this to myself, I was to fat (I was around 180 pounds) and that there was nothing wrong with me, I had one dr put me on fertility meds for 7 rounds and not monitor. They did one ultrasound when I insisted I had pcos and told me I had unconcerning cysts (not sure what that meant at the time).

In January 2013 I fell pregnant naturally and sadly lost that baby at 6 weeks I didn’t allow myself to grieve and told myself I must not have been pregnant even though I felt the baby pass. We continued trying and again in April 2013 got pregnant which also sadly ended in a miscarriage at 7 weeks. This baby felt larger. I was more connected to it and took it much harder. But grieved alone. My husband is a wonderful man but didn’t understand what I was going through until I broke down one night in the summer of 2013 and told him I felt the babies pass. And that I actually had to push a tad to get the baby out.

Finally 3 months before the 3 year mark I found a new dr. One that listened to me when I said I thought something was wrong. He started the process to get me into a specialist. He preformed many tests, blood work, ultrasounds, hsg’s and was able to get me an appointment in September 2013.

The specialist confirmed my fear. I had PCOS and my ovaries were covered in cysts and even though they were not cancerous they were still causing many issues. He immediately started me on letrozole and monitored me while I was on it. Within 2 months I was pregnant!

They got me to come in at 7 weeks to make sure everything was good and ok. That was the best feeling. being able to see my baby’s heart flicker on the screen and know he/she was alive and I was going to be a mommy! my pregnancy went extremely well and my son was born via emergency c section on August 14, 2014.

He is my life and my reason for advocating for all women who Andre struggling. If you feel something is wrong fight for an answer. you know your body and you know when something is off. Do not let Dr’s belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself and your situation.

We are now trying again and have been for 8 months. We have 2 months left to try on meds from my Dr before we go back to the specialist. Even though I already have my son it still sucks to have to try over and over again each month.

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