Ah, Pancake Day, that wonderful time of year when dinner becomes an obligation, and the day hinges around dessert.

Admittedly, I’ve always been rather keen on the day that reminds me of one of life’s great joys, and returns it to it’s rightful place on my menu. Today, however, was particularly special being that it was the first Pancake Day that Harrison could enjoy (last year, at a few weeks old, he wasn’t quite ready for the crepe-y goodness)

Did he enjoy his first foray in a world of battered wonder? I shall let his face speak for itself>>>


Yeah, that grin on my chocolate coated toddler probably says more than I ever could as to his new found fondness of pancakes. (Nutella – in case you were wondering what we put on them…and, subsequently, Harrison)

Baby Led Weaning at it’s finest, I’ve never seen a human being cram food quite so enthusiastically, and expertly, as this young man.

I hope you have all had just as wonderful a Pancake Day as we have (if you participate, that is). I’m off to make seconds…

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