To the woman with the cupboard full of pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction tests, and folic acid supplements – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the lady who measures the passing time in Cycle Days and Days Past Ovulation – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the figure in the doctors waiting room, staring at the ceiling, trying desperately to ignore the pregnant bellies, and bouncing babies, which surround her – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the frequent visitor of Google, whose search terms include, ‘possibility of pregnancy with negative test’, ’2 years and no pregnancy, am I infertile?’, ‘natural ways to boost fertility’ – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the girl who expertly dodges the question, ‘When are you going to have children?’, whilst biting back tears and plastering on a smile – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the woman who hides in the bathroom when colleagues bring in their new babies, desperately avoiding the reminder of the burning desire and unfulfilled dream – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the friend who hides the secret that makes her cry herself to sleep each night – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the mirage you have become; the seemingly happy woman, who busies herself with day to day tasks, distracts herself with hobbies, and stumbles through a daily pretence – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the woman with the missing piece, the heavy burden, the unanswered questions – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


It’s estimated that 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility in their lifetime. 1 in 8! That’s huge! Chances are you know someone, or are someone, in this situation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The lack of hope, the crushing disappointment, the loss of control, are all made harder by the isolation created by hiding away this ‘taboo subject’. Reach out to someone; find the comradery in the woman walking the same path, the hope from the lady who’s been there, the love and support from the friend who hasn’t, – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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