It doesn’t matter that you’re doing your best
That you love them more than life
It’s time for others to wade in now
To judge you as a Mother and Wife
‘Don’t spoil your baby’
‘But don’t let them cry it out’
‘Don’t forget your husband either’
‘That’s not what a good marriage is about’
‘Don’t feed them with a bottle’
‘It’s time to stop with the breasts’
‘Are you really doing THAT?!!!’
‘You’ll never compete with the rest’
‘I wouldn’t use a stroller’
‘But don’t baby wear’
‘Why can’t your baby walk yet?’
‘There’s something going on there’
‘You know your house it too dirty?’
‘Oh my gosh, it’s too clean’
‘You hold that child too often’
‘Don’t put them down; it’s mean’
You seem to have all the answers,
And I don’t have enough
But, unless you’re with me at a sleepless 3am
You can shut the F*$% up!

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