A big, and pretty wonderful, change has just hit the World Wide Web.

Google have released a child friendly search engine!


So now, instead of using Google to find new toys to add to their Christmas wish list (and inadvertently discovering Miley Cyrus in yet another compromising position), your little one’s innocent mind can stay innocent by searching on Kiddle.

In fact, even if they do try to search out something they shouldn’t be looking for, they won’t find it, because Kiddle will help steer them away.

For example, if Harrison were to look up his favourite word 😉 he would get the following screen…


Too bad, kiddo.

I’m sure you’ll join me in breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Thanks, Google.

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2 thoughts on “Google for Kids!”

  1. How great is that! I remember as a kid AOL had a protection mode like this, now-a-days (haha I’m not that old I swear) it’s harder to protect little minds. What a cool idea from google

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