The brand new, and unbelievably beautiful, Pop In prints from the wonderful folk at Close Parent. Holy moly are these prints special. Definitely *SWOON* worthy.

We bought ours from Babi Pur. Our favourite shop in the whole wide world (if you’ve ever shopped with them you’d understand why, and, if you haven’t, you should – THEY EVEN SHIP WORLDWIDE!)

Click the link to get your own…

A huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors, too.
Sarah Lovell Art and her beautiful print ‘3 Friends Under the Stars’
My Baby Keepsake and their keepsakes made from baby’s first clothes

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2 thoughts on “Close Parent Pop In – New Prints UNBOXING”

  1. I just ordered our first pop ins today for little S from Babi Pur (and maybe a few other things) and I’m too excited!! Now I’m even more excited! Haven’t got on too well with cloth so far, so we shall see how these go. 🙂

    1. I’m sure this will convert you. They are exceptional nappies. Our favourites by far (and we have tried A LOT of brands lol). Happy nappying 🙂

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