Hello, you lovely lot.

I have just found out that The MAD Blog Awards 2016 have just LAUNCHED!

From now until 13th April 2016, you’ll be able to nominate your favourite UK blogs and bloggers in a number of different categories.

Since I have been blogging for 10 months, I would fall in to the BEST NEW BLOG category, and would LOVE it if you would consider nominating me for a win. (though, you can nominate me more than once, if you felt so inclined to nominate me in any other categories too)

I have loved every second of the last 10 months in my blogging journey, I’ve been able to get to know some incredible parents, and hopeful parents to be, from all over the world, have worked with some exceptional companies, globally, to bring you all REVIEWS, DISCOUNTS, and GIVEAWAYS, I’ve been able to share things that mean so much to me, and the things that mean so much to you.

I would be thrilled if you would consider taking the time to complete a nomination. It’s just a couple of quick buttons (the Best New Blog option is the last on the list), and all nominations are also considered for the overall MAD Blog of the Year.

Please, please, please, and thank you.

I shall now commence my bribery, which will consist of cute Harrison photos. Brace yourselves 😉


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