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We are sharing something uber fun and exciting today from one of our FAVOURITE companies – GECKO!!!

Who are Gecko?
Well, if you’ve been following us for a while, you may well have seen our unboxing of their fabulous Odyssey Play Pants, our write up about their wonderful vision to produce high quality, ethically sound, GENDER NEUTRAL clothing for children, and our other #FanGirl posts about them because…WE LOVE GECKO!!!

In a nutshell, they are an independent company, based in Wales, UK, who make a gorgeous selection of ethical, organic clothes, with a special passion for making fun, wearable, and truly gender neutral clothing for children (note – CHILDREN, not chromosomes). We discovered them in their early days of realising a particular goal of creating the Nutty for Nature and Space Odyssey ranges of play pants and dungarees (complete with knee pads *swoon*), and have been stalking them ever since. Read about our first discovery, ‘My Son Likes Dolls’, here.


Well, another wonderful thing about Gecko, is their desire for inclusion of all children in their clothing line. They want to #LetKidsBeKids and are working, tirelessly, to #ClothesTheGap (they are also partial to a hashtag or two). Their newest way of doing this is particularly exciting, with a BRAND REP SEARCH.

They are looking for children to be their brand reps, and, in exchange, those lucky little ones will receive some FREE, and downright fabulous, Gecko clothes. The search is open to find children with BIG PERSONALITIES, from 6 months to 8 years old, who love fun filled, colourful clothing, and can take regular and good quality images. Diversity is key as they want to represent ALL of our children, so they would love to see some entries from children with physical disabilities, sensory impairments, and those living with medical conditions.

How to Enter:
1. Follow @Gecko_Clothing on Instagram (this is where they are wanting the images you take to be shared so it is important that you have, and use, an Instagram account)
2. Submit no more than 2 images of your little model
a. To submit, tag your picture/s #bygecko #geckobrandrep #brandrepsearch
3. Share your favourite @Gecko_Clothing image
Easy, right?

Harrison will definitely be entering and we hope to see some of your little lovelies in the running.
In our excitement we spoke to the lovely Ema, creative genius behind Gecko, to find out more about her search for the new faces of Gecko, and the history behind this wonderful company…

What drove you to start Gecko?
It was a long standing joke for as long as I’ve known my husband! He use to moan so much about the limited variety of men’s clothing I would say (threaten) that one day I would design him a full wardrobe that would be anything but boring or predictable. Then when my first son was born I started to feel that frustration first hand. We love colour and fun and it seemed that boys weren’t allowed that! That’s when Gecko very quickly became an actual idea!
Why is gender neutral clothing so important to you?
At first it wasn’t in all honesty. What was important was that we could offer a full range of colour and designs for boys. It was only as we started talking to more parents that we heard their own frustrations at the sea of pink that was on offer for girls. That’s when it hit us just how ludicrously out of date the way clothes are segregated for marketing are. We quickly found campaigns like Let Clothes Be Clothes and Pinkstinks and wanted to contribute in our way to their work. If we are ever going to be truly equal, men and women, then the next generation must see each other as equals. How can that be whilst we reserve certain colours and themes based on gender? When we stereotype with slogans like ‘Pretty as a Princess’ and ‘Boys will be Boys’? We tell kids “you can be whatever they want to be”, “you can like whatever you want” “Oh pink you say, afraid not that colour is for girls.” “DINOSAURS, heck no, you’re a girl. Of course you can BE a Palaeontologist, but you can’t play with dinosaurs”… Mixed message much?! …. She slowly steps away from the soap box and smiles sweetly…
Why are you so focused on including all children in your brand?
We think about our brand a lot in terms of our responsibility. By that I mean beyond our responsibility in manufacturing ethically and environmentally, which we also take very seriously. We also look at the way we create and market. This is more than just being unisex. We have 3 children considered ‘normal’ by society, 2 of which model for us. However there are 77,000 children registered disabled in the UK alone. That doesn’t touch on the thousands of other kids with facial birthmarks, cleft palates and more. I don’t think this term ‘normal’ really represents enough of our population and I certainly don’t think the media does. There is more than one face of beauty and I think more brands should embrace and celebrate that in their media and marketing.
What do you love most about your clothes?
We design them with our boys in mind and how hard they are on their clothes! So for the Autumn Winter line I loved that we finally had clothes for them that ticked all the boxes we think are important as parents (which coincidentally formed our founding principles):
1. To create fun and colourful unisex designs;
2. That are ethical and eco-friendly;
3. Practical and hardwearing
4. That don’t cost the earth!
My personal favourites are the Nutty for Nature trousers. My 2 ½ year old has fallen over so much in them and not managed to rip them thanks to the reinforced knee patches, keeping his wee knees protected too!
What does the future hold?
Much more of the same! We are a small family brand so we are growing slowly as we self-invest. However frustrating this can be at times it’s also a big positive as it gives us plenty of time to focus on each design and Gecko Clothing as a whole. Everything is done in small volumes so our pieces are more exclusive which I think adds a lot of value to them.
We are very lucky to have some tremendous support from the likes of yourself and some wonderful customers and not to mention 4 fantastic stockists! We try and take time to ask them and take heed of their genuine views on our products. This helps us keep our minds open to what Gecko can be and ensures we are heading in the direction our fans want us to. Without them there is no Gecko.


Find Ema and the wonderful world of Gecko here:





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