It’s time for another episode of HARRISON EATS. Today on the menu – RISOTTO! (his favourite food of the moment.
…not only that, but he has new tools to get the job done, as we are trying out our Doddl Cutlery for the first time. You’ll notice it didn’t take Harrison long to figure out how to hold and use this fab kit. The uniquely shaped handles make it the perfect fit your small hands, and help children develop their, all important, pincer grip.
The first attempt was definitely a test, and we’re looking forward to really putting them to the test over the next few weeks before we do our big review.
You’ll recognise Harrison’s gorgeous bib, of course, as the Hippo print of the Stage 3 Cover All Bib from Close Parent. We have a few of these and you really can’t get better. I hear they will be available in the new prints soon and will be swiftly heading to Babi Pur to get ours.
What about that bowl? Well we also bought that from Babi Pur, as part of a plate, bowl and cup set by BecoThings Baby Products. Made from Bamboo fibres, this is completely biodegradable, but strong enough to survive the dishwasher.
…and, lastly, can you see our gorgeous print peeking out from beside the rainbow? That’s call ‘3 Friends Under the Stars’, and is by one of our wonderful sponsors, Sarah Lovell Art
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