Motherhood is a minefield. From the day we see those 2 pink lines, we are invariably bombarded with unsolicited advice and judgement. Let’s be honest, we’re all just trying to keep our heads above water and second guess ourselves a little less than other people already are. Here’s my message to all of you…

To the mother who chooses to co-sleep, well done. I know you have been lectured about the dangers from well meaning passers by, but you are keeping your baby close and they are thriving. I support you.

To the mother who’s child sleeps in a crib across the hall, good for you. I know it wasn’t easy to lay them down and walk away. I know you lie awake at night, listening intently to the baby monitor, jumping up at every cough, yawn, or cry. I support you.

To the mother who breastfeeds, congratulations. You have navigated the difficult early days, survived the cracked nipples and bouts with mastitis. You’ve fought against public distaste and fed your baby when hungry. I support you.

To the mother who feeds with formula, great job. You’ve dealt with the judgement, the hospital lecture of, ‘Breast is Best’, and you’ve done what’s right for you. You’ve perfected your schedule of bottle washing, and mixing milk, and your baby is growing because of it. I support you.

To the mother with the jar of baby food, way to go. You’ve turned your child’s meal in to an exciting airplane ride, chipped away at the set food ‘cement’, and let more than one of your own meals go cold in the process. Your child has a full tummy. I support you.

To the mother doing baby led weaning, excellent work. You’ve dealt with the questions from grandparents and friends, justified your actions to those who have told you to stop. Your baby loves their food and is developing perfectly. I support you.

To the stay at home mother, amazing. You spend all day with the toughest bosses known to man. You don’t get afforded breaks, and your responsibilities are endless. You are often covered in paint and sticky hand prints, and the child behind those marks is grinning from ear to ear. I support you.

To the working mother, incredible. You leave a piece of your heart behind, every morning, as you set off for a busy day. You count down the seconds until those little arms wrap themselves around your neck again. You show your child that anything is possible. I support you.

To the mother of one, beautiful. You dodge the endless questions of, ‘When will you have another?’. You share an undivided bond with your child, doting on their every move. You relish your one to one time with each other and are one another’s best friend. I support you.

To the mother of 5, wow! You split your time, expertly, between 5 unique individuals. Together you are an unbeatable force and the strongest team. You field the stereotypes and shocked gasps from strangers, and march on as a superwoman. I support you.

To you all, you are wonderful. Motherhood is hard enough without the world wading in on our every action, telling us we are wrong, should do it differently, shouldn’t do it at all. Your child is happy, and your child is loved. We are not enemies. I SUPPORT YOU!

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