Good afternoon, Internet. It’s me, Harrison!

It’s my Mum’s birthday today, so I thought I’d hijack to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And ask you all to do the same.

It’s not just I’m visiting today though. As of today, I AM TAKING OVER TWITTER!!! That’s right, from now on, all posts on Twitter will be written by MEEEEEEEE. Look forward to the inner ramblings of my baby brain; you’re in for quite a treat. You’ll find me @EventualMother and I can’t wait to see you.

I’ve got to run now, I smell food, but I’ll leave you with a couple photos of the Eventual Mother as  a toddler before I go. You’re welcome!

Oh, and don’t forget to nominate my Mum for Best New Blog in the Mad Blog Awards (link below), that would be a great birthday present.

Thanks for stopping by x

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