Stay At Home Parents are no new thing. One parent being at home with the children, to provide childcare and manage the house, whilst the other goes out of the house to work. It’s been a common sight for a good portion of history, in fact. What is new though (well, newer, in the grand scheme of things) is the bizarre attitude to these parents.

There are many assumptions placed on parents who stay at home, and they often find themselves answering the same old questions on a very regular basis.

I wonder, though, what if people in other professions were asked these questions…

“Oh, so you’re just a parent?”

“Oh, you’re JUST an astronaut. What do you do, just pop off to space and have a little fly around? How sweet.”

“What do you do with all your free time?”

“Ah, being a lawyer must give you so much free time. How ever do you fill it?  I bet you have some great hobbies.”

“I wish I could lounge around in  pajamas all day.”

“I’d love to be firefighter, lounging around in that suit all day. It’s alright for some.”

“Your husband must do very well if you don’t need the extra income.”

“Your husband must be on quite the wage if you can afford to just be a veterinary surgeon. You landed on your feet there.”

“You’d think your house would be cleaner.”

“Jeez, you only do a bit of surgery on people, I’d have expected your house be much cleaner. How busy can that possibly keep you?!”

“Will you ever go back to a real job?”

“I know you’re a teacher right now, but do you think you’ll ever go back to a real job one day? Let’s be honest, you can’t do this forever.”

“I’d feel so unfulfilled.”

“I can’t imagine just being an accountant, I’d feel so unfulfilled. But that’s just me, I have to be doing a proper job.”

“You must have the most relaxing day”

“Wow, a builder. You must have the most laid-back, relaxed days. So lucky.”

“Are you worried about setting a bad example for your kids?”

“With you being a doctor, are you not worried that you’re setting a bad example for your children? Would you not rather teach them a good work ethic by having an actual job?”


…but you’d never be so rude as to say this to any of these people. Best just leave these questions for the stay at home parents then, eh?

Seriously, though, being a stay at home parent is no easy feat. There’s no break to be had, the boss is incredibly demanding, and, if you are still in pajamas at the end of the day, it’s because there hasn’t been a spare second to change.

#SupportNotJudgement, folks.

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