It didn’t matter that they said
Best is fed,
Be in bottle, be it breast,
It’s not you, it’s the rest
Raining down with judgment, questions,
Apparent best intentions
Scoffing at our choices
Ignoring little voices
Proving that they’re loved
That they’re happy. That above
All else, what’s important is the bond
Never broken, arms are open

Kissing little cheeks as the days turn in to weeks
And the thoughts turn from feeding, to needing
To cry it out or co-sleeping
Each one shows that we’re weak
Too soft to let them go
To cruel to let them know
That we are here, do not fear, no more tears
I’m your mother, there’s no other that
Will love you like I do, fact

My choices are mine, though entwined
With your criticism, hate
And your ‘not in my day’
Keep your nose out, there is no doubt
That we are all just sinking
Praying, hoping, thinking
That what we’re doing is right
But in the middle of the night
As we pace the floor again, seeking victory of slumber
My mind will frantically wonder,
Was I right or did I blunder
Well, I don’t need to ask
Because you will be there, fast
With your beady little eye
And your ‘why don’t you just try?’

But this is not your child, not your worry,
So don’t hurry
To rush to quick conclusions
It’s all optical illusions
What’s right for you is yours,
But, to me, you seem to roar.
With what I should do with mine
And you forget you can be kind
Let me make up my own mind

Build me up and support me
And together we can all be
The parents that are winning,
That are confident and grinning
Though we don’t all do the same
We can still refrain
From pulling each other down
We can smile, instead of frown
At the healthy little bundle
That we once nervously fumbled
With, and now we expertly navigate
The choices that make us great
All different, but supportive and
We drew that line in the sand
No longer enemies, but friends
As we,
Let the Mom Wars end



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