Every once in a while, a photo will stop you in your tracks.

THIS, for me, is that photo.

An advert, for a worldwide cookie no less, that features a breastfeeding baby…and even a flash of nipple (Shock! Horror!)

Now, I’m sure there will plenty of people outraged at this beautiful image of a simple and natural act, and I’m sure they will be quick to tell us all the reasons why this is disgusting and shouldn’t have been taken…ya da ya da ya, but, for those of us who are passionate about normalising breastfeeding, this is a dream come true.

So wonderful to see breastfeeding in a funny, accessible, and pop culture light.

Background of the Image

As it transpires, the image was created for a one off advertising forum in South Korea for Kraft (the company behind Oreos) and was never intended for public distribution to consumers. I think this is a real shame as this could make such a great impact on the opinion of breastfeeding, and could really help shatter the cloak and dagger shame of breastfeeding in public. I am however, thrilled it was made. That someone within this global organisation thought of breastfeeding when they thought of milk. That someone was brave enough to push a social barrier and show breastfeeding as a normal, and natural, part of every day life.

I hope they reconsider hiding this beautiful image away, and, instead, help us move a few steps forward in the goal of, once again, normalising breastfeeding.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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