There are a few things we look for when it comes to clothes for Harrison – price/value, environmental impact of manufacture, durability, and, of course, style.

Earlier this year, we became brand reps for a company that ticked every box.


We buy a lot of Harrison’s clothes second hand. It’s really cheap, at this age, with kids growing so quickly, they have rarely been worn more than a handful of times, and it helps to reduce the negative impact that clothes, that aren’t necessarily manufactured in the most ethical way, have on our lovely wee planet.

Once in a while, however, we splash out and buy something new. Now, when you compare any new piece of clothing to getting a black bin liner full of clothes for a tenner, chances are, it’s going to seem expensive.

It would be easy to expect sky high prices from Ted Wears Organic, with their custom made service, their original designs, their exceptional service, and their organic cotton, but the prices are incredibly reasonable. We’ve had a few things from them now (pictured), and have been awed by the retail price.

Environmental Impact

As I mentioned, we tend to buy second hand. There are often a number of high street brands in the bundles we buy, which aren’t often produced in the most ethical fashion. We hope that by buying second hand, and taking good care of the clothes before donating them to charity once we’re done, we can negate some of those sins.

When we buy something new, however, we make sure to buy things that are green. We want to support organic cotton, sustainable business, and environmental friendliness. Ted Wears Organic, as the name would suggest, use ONLY organic cotton. This means we can feel good about buying new; like we are helping the world, not hindering it.


So this is a biggy. Toddlers aren’t exactly known for their composure and ability to look after things. They are far more synonymous with grass stained bums, torn knees pads, and ‘what on earth is that?!!!’ marks around the neckline.

Clothes definitely need to be able to survive an industrial strength wash, some acrobatic-style movement, and a fast growing body.

Our Ted Wears Organic clothes have contended with rolling down hill banks, running in to the sea, ice cream catastrophes, and some pretty slick knee slide dancing. They have also been washed and rewashed, time and time again.

I am very happy to report that they have survived all of the above. No fading of colour, no stretching out of shape, no bobbling, no weak seams; they look just as good as when we unwrapped them from their crisp tissue paper.


Ok, let’s get real. All of the above will only come in to play if the clothes we’re treating ourselves to are visually worth it. They need to be beautiful, fashionable, adorable; they need to be all the words that will make you *swoon*, and this is where Ted Wears Organic really nail it.

The range of fabrics are gorgeous. Ted Wears Organic have a very distinctive colour palette and style, and a blinking gorgeous one it is too. It was the Sharks that originally drew us to Ted Wears Organic, and the bears, and the penguins have kept us coming back.

You can buy existing stock, in standard sizes, or you can choose your own custom outfit, and even custom sizes for those kids who break the mould. Ooh, and, did I mention the clothes are cut for cloth. Yup. Big thumbs up for that one.

You know what though, I’m going to let you judge it for yourself…

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