#EtsyFindOfTheDay – Week 1


There are bells jingling in the distance, and a rather rotund gentleman is getting ready for a worldwide trip. That’s right, folks, Christmas is on its way.

Amidst the ever growing Pinterest boards of present ideas, and counting up pennies in order to set budgets, we’ve decided to throw our attention to a different way of shopping…


So, in the spirit of supporting #ShopSmall, we will be sharing an #EtsyFindOfTheDay, each day, in the run up to the big day.

You’ll find our find of the day over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but, to make things easier for you, we’ll also be putting the line up together in a weekly blog post to feature our latest and greatest finds.

A slightly smaller, but perfectly formed, selection this first week as it’s not been a full 7 days since we started, here are a few things that have made us *swoon* over the last 4 days.

Day 1


First up are these amazing coats, from Little Goodall. I’ve had my eye on them for quite some time, but it’s almost impossible to choose which animal I like the most.

Here are 2 of the many options; a fox and a lion.

Get it here> http://tidd.ly/48421cf7

Day 2


Our second #EtsyFindOfTheDay was recommended by one of our lovely readers in America on our #ShopSmall Share Thread.
This company, Kozy Kittos, are based in South Dakota and make an incredibly beautiful range of soft and snuggly baby blankets

Get it here> http://tidd.ly/9a1a5248

Day 3


I stumbled across this gorgeous little shop, Chic Couture Boutique, on my search through Etsy and they do some beautiful clothes for children. Perfect for those special photo shoots

Get it here> http://tidd.ly/c4a26ee2

Day 4


From Yours Blissfully, this cup is perfect for the Star Wars fans among us (I know you’re there ;))

I think it’s adorable and will be a perfect addition for my husband’s Christmas stocking this year. You can even have it personalised.

Get it here> http://tidd.ly/a6f3277


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