I’ve been tempting myself with Etsy goodness this evening…and now I’m sharing so I’m not alone. You’re welcome 😉

#EtsyFindOfTheDay selection…

Errrrrm, it’s a rainbow onesie. I need say no more

Get it here – http://tidd.ly/7a5bdf36

Dino dungarees. Yup. And they are from a shop we have shopped at already, many a time, Ted Wears Organic.

Get it here – http://tidd.ly/f36627be

I just think these are adorable.

Get them here – http://tidd.ly/80a52cb9

Ok, these are the standouts from my search tonight. I may have more soon. You know where to find me to check ?


*this post containts affiliate links; it helps us continue to produce content…and also to support our #clothnappy addiction ?

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