It’s been a busy day, after a long week, with lots of vegan cooking and we needed a bit of a break from the kitchen…but what can you do for easy, convenient food when you’re vegan?

Well, it turns out that Tesco had us covered with Wicked Kitchen vegan ready meals.

We got a BBQ Mushroom Sourdough Pizza, Curried Cauli, Onion Bhaji & Coconut Rice, and Veggie Pasta & Amazeballs to share between 2 adults, our 3 year old, Harrison, and our 11 month old, Seb.

At £4 a pop, they weren’t the cheapest meals on the shelf, but they weren’t outrageous and there was a very good range of options. Plus, Harrison had requested pizza and we’d not yet ventured in to vegan pizza territory.

All were very quick to cook with the pizza going in the oven for 8-10 minutes (we did the full 10), and the other 2 going in the microwave for around the 4 minute mark. All came out piping hot and smelling delicious.

Then for the taste test (after the obligatory photos and husband complaining that he was hungry so ‘will you hurry up already with the bloody camera’).

BBQ Mushroom Sourdough Pizza

We’ll start with the pizza. The sourdough base was absolutely delicious and the toppings were so plentiful that I certainly didn’t miss the cheese.

There was a ‘mild’ spice warning on the packet, which was due to some cheeky little chillies that I would personally call a lot stronger than mild, but were easily removed for the more feeble diner – and I mean myself, not my spice addicted toddler.

The flavours were well balanced and really very punchy, it didn’t feel stodgy or greasy like a lot of pizzas do, and there was plenty to share around. I think 1 pizza would be a bit much for 1 person so would probably split this with someone and have some salad on the side. It worked well to share between us 4 with a couple of other meals to share too; I’d definitely buy this again.

Veggie Pasta and Amazeballs

Next up, we have the veggie pasta and amazeballs. To be honest, they had be at ‘amazeballs’, but this was really tasty. Even the aubergine (I hate aubergine with a burning passion) was pleasant with the sauce. No spice warning on this one though and there was definitely a kick I’d have liked to be warned about.

I’d say the amazeballs were nice, but didn’t quite live up to their name. They were a slightly dry mix, which the sauce certainly helped, but I think could have done with a bit of a tweak.

I’d still probably buy this again, though, as the pasta and sauce were really nice.

Curried Cauli, Onion Bhaji, and Coconut Rice

Lastly, we have the Curried cauli, onion bhaji, and coconut rice.

This was my favourite. The coconut was really fresh, the chickpeas were beautiful, the bhajis were dangerously good, and the spinach was really fresh.

Again, no spice warning, and I thought this would be a really mild curry…WRONG! This had more of a kick than the pizza and pasta combined and made us reach for the almond milk, but it wasn’t just spice for spice sake, it was really well combined spices, and a really fantastic flavour.

I’d recommend this to anyone.

So, there you have it. 3 genuinely yummy dishes from Wicked Kitchen at Tesco.


  1. Excellent variety in the selection offered.
  2. Quick and easy to cook.
  3. Genuinely tasty, and more complex in flavour combinations than you might expect.
  4. Very accessible, plant based, option for quick food for vegans.
  5. Great for sharing.


  1. A bit pricey at £4 a meal, but this replaced a takeaway for us so was a lot cheaper than the alternative.
  2. Could definitely benefit from more spice/heat warnings.
  3. The packaging is part ‘widely recycled’ and part ‘check local recycling’. If they could improve this further, they’d tick all the boxes I want ticking as, for me, environmental impact is a huge factor in our decision to trial a vegan diet.

The Verdict

These were a winner for us. Easy to deal with, quick to cook, healthy and delicious.

We wouldn’t be buying ready meals regularly, but, where vegan options for fast food and takeaways are limited, these were a great alternative that left us feeling satisfied and healthy, as opposed to stuffed and sluggish. I like that this option is there for the days that get away from us and the nights when we can’t be bothered.

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