*NEW DISCOUNT* from Doddl Cutlery

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! As a little treat to get you through 'hump day', we've teamed up with the wonderful folks of Doddl Cutlery to bring you a cheeky little DISCOUNT. You may remember our recent 'Harrison Eats...' installment, featuring this fab cutlery set. Our first attempt proved very successful and our positive experience has been added [...]

The MAD Blog Awards 2016

Hello, you lovely lot. I have just found out that The MAD Blog Awards 2016 have just LAUNCHED! From now until 13th April 2016, you'll be able to nominate your favourite UK blogs and bloggers in a number of different categories. Since I have been blogging for 10 months, I would fall in to the BEST [...]

Pancake Day

Ah, Pancake Day, that wonderful time of year when dinner becomes an obligation, and the day hinges around dessert. Admittedly, I've always been rather keen on the day that reminds me of one of life's great joys, and returns it to it's rightful place on my menu. Today, however, was particularly special being that it [...]

#SnapShotSunday – An Eventual Update

I do believe it’s time for an Eventual Family Update (Eventual is very appropriate being that YESTERDAY was #SnapShotSunday) It was a hectic, but great week last week. I returned to work for a few hours as part of a KIT (Keeping In Touch) day, which was somewhat terrifying, but went surprisingly well. Harrison, though [...]