Sling Studio Woven Wrap Review

Are you all ready for a bit of wearable art? That's right, we've been reviewing , truly gorgeous, Sling Studio​ Bracken Foxglove Woven Wrap. Click the links to get your own We are currently borrowing ours from a wonderful sling library, local to us, Upsy Daisy sling library.​ If you're close [...]

Babi Pur Lucky Dip Unboxing & Christmas Haul We hope you enjoyed this Unboxing and Haul video. Click on the links if you're wanting to buy anything from the video... Lucky Dip Toy Box Plan Toys Drum Plan Toys Kaleidoscope Plan Toys Bunny Racer Lanco Bath Toys Hape Piano Piccalilly Christmas Pudding Sleep Suit Le [...]

Boba 4G Vs. Tula Baby Carrier Comparison

We're kicking off our first #WearItWednesday with this video, comparing 2 of the best brands of baby carriers. We hope you enjoyed this comparison video of the Boba 4G and Tula soft structure baby carriers. Don't forget to subscribe and check out the Eventual Mother channel for more videos and here's where you can also [...]