And the WINNERS are…

Firstly, a HUUUUGE thank you to all the people who entered our Big Birthday Bonanza GIVEAWAY!!! and, of course, to the wonderful companies who generously donated prizes to the line up. It's been 2 weeks since our birthday, and the launch day of our GIVEAWAY, and , wow, what a reception. We had 11,096 entries, [...]

Jamie Oliver and Breastfeeding

Jamie Oliver, breastfeeding isn’t ‘easy’! Jamie Oliver, you’re a man; no breasts, no opinion Jamie Oliver, stop shaming formula feeding families Jamie Oliver, we don’t need another breastfeeding advocate Late week, Jamie Oliver won his Sugar Tax crusade, but he didn’t waste any time in finding a new bee in his bonnet - BREASTFEEDING! "We [...]

The MAD Blog Awards 2016

Hello, you lovely lot. I have just found out that The MAD Blog Awards 2016 have just LAUNCHED! From now until 13th April 2016, you'll be able to nominate your favourite UK blogs and bloggers in a number of different categories. Since I have been blogging for 10 months, I would fall in to the BEST [...]