The road to our first born child was long, unpredictable, cruel, but, ultimately, worth every crack in the pavement, wall to be scaled, and land slide that crushed us. After more than 3 years of infertility, a large portion of the adoption process, and 4 miscarriages, we finally turned a corner which took us on [...]

Raising a Rainbow Baby

We didn’t have the best run up to pregnancy; my son was my 5th, and only successful, pregnancy. The term ‘Rainbow Baby’ is certainly one that I hold dear. ‘The rainbow doesn’t erase the damage of the storm, but lights up the world and leads the way to hope and happiness’ These could not be [...]

You are not alone!

To the woman with the cupboard full of pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction tests, and folic acid supplements – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! To the lady who measures the passing time in Cycle Days and Days Past Ovulation – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! To the figure in the doctors waiting room, staring at the ceiling, trying [...]