End Mom Wars

It didn't matter that they said Best is fed, Be in bottle, be it breast, It's not you, it's the rest Raining down with judgment, questions, Apparent best intentions Scoffing at our choices Ignoring little voices Proving that they're loved That they're happy. That above All else, what's important is the bond Never broken, arms [...]

The MAD Blog Awards 2016

Hello, you lovely lot. I have just found out that The MAD Blog Awards 2016 have just LAUNCHED! From now until 13th April 2016, you'll be able to nominate your favourite UK blogs and bloggers in a number of different categories. Since I have been blogging for 10 months, I would fall in to the BEST [...]

As You Sleep…

I gaze down at your gentle face It knows only peace as the moon sneaks through the window Your eyelashes flutter like wings of butterflies Seeming to sparkle in the illumination, Making way for magic to fill your dreams Your lips slightly pursed, your cheeks plump I watch as your chest slowly rises and falls [...]