#EtsyFindOfTheDay – Week 2

  It's that time of the week again, folks. Time to share the last week's #EtsyFindOfTheDay selection... To remind you of what this is all about, in the spirit of supporting #ShopSmall, we will be sharing an #EtsyFindOfTheDay, each day, in the run up to the big day. You’ll find our find of the day over [...]

The MAD Blog Awards 2016

Hello, you lovely lot. I have just found out that The MAD Blog Awards 2016 have just LAUNCHED! From now until 13th April 2016, you'll be able to nominate your favourite UK blogs and bloggers in a number of different categories. Since I have been blogging for 10 months, I would fall in to the BEST [...]

Google for Kids!

A big, and pretty wonderful, change has just hit the World Wide Web. Google have released a child friendly search engine! So now, instead of using Google to find new toys to add to their Christmas wish list (and inadvertently discovering Miley Cyrus in yet another compromising position), your little one's innocent mind can stay [...]

What’s coming?

What's new in Eventual Land? Ooh, lots actually. I'm wanting to get a bit more structured with my content and updates so have hatched a plan to help me do just that. Each day of the week will see something different... #momdayMondays will continue to be our Mother Of The Moment day, where we shall [...]

Yay! A Babi Pur Lucky Dip Box Unboxing!

We hope you enjoyed this video of a Babi Pur Lucky Dip Box Unboxing Click on the link to get your own Lucky Dip Box (go quickly! They won't last long) http://www.babipur.co.uk/cloth-nappies/best-babipur-nappy-offers.html ...and here are the individual links to the goodies from our Lucky Dip Box Tots Bots Nappy Fox n Spots & Blue Moo [...]