My Son Likes DOLLS!!!

I got your attention with that title didn't I? But why?... Are you surprised? Shocked? Horrified, even? Or do you think it's great? Do you even care? Alright, alright, enough with the questions. I stumbled across a pretty blooming fabulous company last year when they were running a Kickstarter and absolutely HAD TO SHARE! Gecko [...]

#TBT – To the archives…

It's throw back Thursday again and we had a dig around the archives, in honour of the day, to bring back one of our most popular posts. If you've not seen it before, we hope you enjoy it. Thanks 🙂 Disney promised me a lot of things - Prince Charming, a gorgeous wardrobe, an ability [...]

What’s coming?

What's new in Eventual Land? Ooh, lots actually. I'm wanting to get a bit more structured with my content and updates so have hatched a plan to help me do just that. Each day of the week will see something different... #momdayMondays will continue to be our Mother Of The Moment day, where we shall [...]

Revelling in a Reveal

Goodness me, what a difference a year makes. It was one year ago today that we learned we were to have a SON!!! We headed straight for lunch to revel in the news, before hitting the shops to buy Harrison's first clothes. (Probably the only 'new' clothes we've bought him, actually) It was that day [...]