There are a few things we look for when it comes to clothes for Harrison – price/value, environmental impact of manufacture, durability, and, of course, style. Earlier this year, we became brand reps for a company that ticked every box. Price/Value We buy a lot of Harrison’s clothes second hand. It’s really cheap, at this [...]

Sling Studio Woven Wrap Review

Are you all ready for a bit of wearable art? That's right, we've been reviewing , truly gorgeous, Sling Studio​ Bracken Foxglove Woven Wrap. Click the links to get your own https://www.facebook.com/SlingStudio http://www.slingstudio.com/ https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SlingStudio We are currently borrowing ours from a wonderful sling library, local to us, Upsy Daisy sling library.​ https://www.facebook.com/Upsy-Daisy-sling-library If you're close [...]

What’s coming?

What's new in Eventual Land? Ooh, lots actually. I'm wanting to get a bit more structured with my content and updates so have hatched a plan to help me do just that. Each day of the week will see something different... #momdayMondays will continue to be our Mother Of The Moment day, where we shall [...]